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AceKard 2 Slot-1 NDS Card :: Buy The Latest AceKard DS Here!

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Flash Card Flash Card

AceKard 2

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AceKard 2

Well it looks like the guys from AceKard DS have been working hard, as the latest edition to their family the AceKard 2 is here. These guys have been around longer then R4 team and are pioneers of the slot-1 NDS card industry as well. They started off with AceKard back in 2006, and then produced the unique and powerful AceKard RPG. Well now they are back with a card that is going to take on the likes of R.4 and DS.TT, the AceKard 2 is designed mainly as a mainstream card such as the R4, but has support for MicroSDHC memory which is a huge plus, this means you will be able to use those larger sized MicroSDHC cards such as the 4GB & 8GB sizes. The AceKard team have been developing DS for a long time and we believe this latest edition to their family is sure to be hot. Unlike the AceKard R.P.G the AceKard 2 is at a much better price point then the former version, making it a much more mass market product as itís priced accordingly. This latest version of the AceKard does not have built in memory like the RPG did, but with saying that the built in memory was not really needed and just added to the cost of production of the RPG


If youíre looking around at getting a card such as the R4 or even DSTT, you should seriously consider checking out this card before you make a purchase decision, because unlike the others, AceKard does have a good support forum and a great bunch of guys working on firmware updates more vigilantly then the others. While cards like the Cyclo are really still the top of the line cards, and if you looking for the very best money can buy you should possible consider it, but if you were looking for a card like the R.4, this new AceKard DS would be a better option. The support for MicroSDHC memory is a huge bonus for this price. AceKard 2 like the former models has perfect download and play support and also has built in cheat functions, the GUI is also very well done and extremely easy to use with touch screen navigation. You can be sure that the AceKard guys will be releasing many firmware updates over the year that will add handy new features and improve on anything that needs to be improved upon. One of the latest firmware updates has included a soft reset function, this is so you donít have to power down your DS to get back to the AceKard menu, with just a press of a couple of buttons you will be returned back to the main menu, this is great for extending the life of the power switches.


There are a whole bunch of skins available on the AceKard DS website, and we are sure more and more will become available as this model rolls out and becomes more popular. The AceKard 2 is compatible with the skins used on the previous models such as the RPG as well. If youíre after a DS card that boasts most of the features from the top of the line cards, but without having to pay that higher price tag, these brand new AceKard 2 may very well be your best option. Buy the latest AceKard 2 here today!


AceKard 2 In Blister Pack

AceKard 2 DS




100% Compatibility

Acekard 2 uses the method of directly writing save game files to MicsoSD card, there is no need to manually select save game sizes or backup youíre saved games anymore. Acekard 2 can also use save game files from other flash carts and does not require any converting for them to work. All you need to do is make sure the save file has the same extension name and put it at the same directory of ROM. Then you can just run the game to use your new save game file.


Perfect Save Game Support

Acekard 2 has inherited the best features and compatibility of all previous Acekard products. AK2 supports clean rom booting and you can just drag and drop onto the MicroSD cards to run. Also perfect download and play support is another feature this card has to offer. The first time you load a game will take a little longer then normal, because the AK2 is creating a save game file. But after you have run the game for the first time, load times in the future will be lighting fast.


Supports Homebrew Software

The Acekard DS is compatible with all homebrew for the DS because of its DLDI auto-patcher. You can just copy the homebrew software onto the MicroSD card and run it. So you can use software such as Moonshell, one of the most well known homebrew software on DS for your multi media files. Watch movies, listen to MP3ís, read your TXT novels and more.


Touch Screen + Soft Reset

The AK2 is totally driven by a touch screen interface, backed by a user friendly GUI for the easiest navigation possible. AK2 also supports soft-reset in game, this means you are able to return to the main menu without having to turn off the DS. With the press of a couple of buttons you are returned to the AK main menu to select your next game to load.


Advanced Customizable GUI

The GUI on the AceKard to is extremely user friendly and intuitive. We feel with all the customizations that can be made to it that it would be one of if not the best GUI out of all the flash cards on the market right now. It has a similar look and feel to the Cyclo, but can be customized much more. Every file and folder has icon in front of the name for quick identification, games will display game's icon directly. You can also set the scrolling speed and whether to show the hidden files.


Skins Support & Dynamic Skin Change

AceKard DS uses the same skin system that was used with the AceKard RPG. You can easily make your own Acekard 2 skins, and change them at anytime. All the pictures, buttons, text and even their location on the screen can be customized to the users liking. You also can add your own custom text and custom pictures to the skin. So you can make a skin layout and have many different themes for that skin. You can find more AceKard 2 Skins Here.

AceKard 2 Average rating: 4.9 Stars, Based On 11 Reviews

Current Reviews: 11

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 12 March, 2008.

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AceKard 2
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