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iPad 3 Touch Screen Replacement Black :: Buy iPad 3 Digitizer

These are our iPad 3 touch screen replacement ki (...see more)

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iPad 3 Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement Black

Dropped your iPad 3 and cracked the glass, buy our iPad 3 touch screen digitizer replacement kits.

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iPad 3 Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement Black

These are our iPad 3 touch screen replacement kits in Black, they are also called an iPad 3 digitizer or iPad 3 glass replacements, while most of us in Australia or Europe call them touch screens, seems people in the USA tend to call them digitizers. Our kits arenít just the touch screen itself, they also ship with a replacement home button pre-installed with the spacer and flex circuit, adhesive stickers & middle support frame as well. We have found that itís quite common for people to break the home button when removing from the old digitizer touch screen and so is why we have them already included as part of our iPad 3 touch screen replacement kits. These kits are designed to reduce the overall time it takes to repair an iPad 3 with cracked glass and simplify the process by removing some steps that could cause trouble such as trying to use the old home button. If you are an end user or repair centre looking for high quality iPad 3 digitizer replacements these are a great option. Our tech has written some handy information up about these kits below, like what comes in the kit and some trouble shooting tips.

If you are looking to handle an iPad 3 repair yourself you should really first pop over to YouTube and checkout some of the tutorial videos on there for how to replace an iPad 3 touch screen digitizer. There is a ton of great videos on there that show you in great detail how to carry out the repair, we urge you to watch them before buying this part so you can feel confidant you want to carry out this repair. The iPad 3 just like the older generation models can be a tricky repair, care needs to be taken when attempting this kind of repair yourself. We also advise if you donít already have the tools for the job you checkout our iPad toolkit, it has a bunch of handy tools made just for this kind of repair. The other thing we recommend is that when you plan on doing the repair put aside a couple of hours and take your time, find some time where you wonít be interrupted and can carry out the repair at your own pace.

The iPad 3 digitizer is made up of a touch screen panel and the front glass, these are both machine glued together and canít be separated. There are also a number of other components attached to the iPad 3 touch screen. These are often not included when purchasing from other stores and have to be purchased separately, but we have all of the necessary parts already pre-assembled to save time and possible damage, making the repair much faster and easier. We even throw in iPad 3 Middle Frame which is not part of the iPad 3 digitizer assembly, but is easily damaged when removing the broken iPad 3 glass touch screen.

Our iPad 3 Touch Screen Glass Replacement Digitizer Black comes with the following parts:

         iPad 3 Touch Screen (Digitizer and Glass)

         iPad 3 Digitizer Adhesive stickers (pre-assembled)

         iPad 3 Home Button (black, pre-assembled)

         iPad 3 Home Button Spacer (black, pre-assembled)

         iPad 3 Home Button Flex Circuit (pre-assembled)

         iPad 3 Home Button Board Fastening Piece (pre-assembled)

         iPad 3 Middle Frame

This replacement part will fix any of the following problems:

         Cracked, Damaged or Broken iPad 3 Touch Screen

         Non-responsive iPad 3 Digitizer

         Partially responsive Touch Screen (part of the touch screen doesnít function but the rest does)

         Touch screen randomly non-responsive or freezes (this can also be due to a bad fitting case or static build up under a poor quality screen protector)

         Badly scratched glass Touch Screen

         Home Button not working

         Home Button sticking down or staying on.

Note that it is possible to purchase a home button separately, but it can be very difficult to remove the touch screen to replace just the home button without cracking the touch screen. This is why once again we have had these kits specially made to make the repair process quicker & simpler.

There are also some symptoms that may indicate a broken iPad 3 touch screen, but are actually caused by other components. These are listed below:

         iPad 3 was dropped and touch screen is non-responsive, but doesnít appear to be cracked. Check for cracks underneath the layer of glass. They can be hard to spot. If there are no cracks, your touch screen could still be broken, but it may simply have become unplugged by the force of the impact.

         iPad 3 got wet and now touch screen doesnít function. Again, this could be fixed by a replacement touch screen, but it may also be caused by corrosion from the water on the touch screen connector or corrosion on the logic board. You will need to open the iPad 3 to be sure.

         iPad 3 is stuck on the unlock screen and seems unresponsive. No animation is present on the screen. If there is no animation (light should travel across the words Ďslide to unlockí) then the iPad is frozen and the touch screen is not the problem. Try restoring first. This can also be caused by a bad jailbreak or badly written programs on a jailbroken iPad 3.

So there we have it people, plenty of info on a damaged or cracked iPad 3 glass touch screen and how this part will help you to fix it. If you have any questions about these parts or the repair process please feel free to email or call us anytime and one of out techís will only be to happy to help. Buy iPad 3 touch screen replacement kits here today.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 10 November, 2012.

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