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Maximus Lizard 360 USB Flashing Tool :: Buy 360 Lizard Here!

The Maximus Lizard 360 is the very latest offeri (...see more)

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Flashing Tools Flashing Tools

Maximus Lizard 360 USB

Want the ultimate flashing tool for the Xbox 360, the Maximus Lizard 360 is that tool, Sata to USB

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Maximus Lizard 360 USB

The Maximus Lizard 360 is the very latest offering from Maximus in Xbox 360 flashing tools. Itís safe to say that the 360 Lizard is a ground breaking tool for the flashing community. For a long time now the process of key retrieval and flashing of 360 drives required a variety of hardware which at times could be confusing and have problems on various PC setups, with the Maximus Lizard 360 those days are over. The very first and most powerful feature of the device is that it converts SATA to USB, this means you no longer need to have a VIA VT6421A SATA card, nor do you need to connect your Xbox 360 drive to a PC for the flashing process. This eliminates the problems people have had with driver conflicts, PCís hanging and more. The first batch of Maximus Lizard shipped mid Feb and was a great success, we sold out quite fast and as a result are back to taking pre-orders for the second batch which is due to start shipping around March 18th, if you want to get your hands on one of these great devices get your pre-order in as stocks are sure to sell out fast again. Note with the second batch they have removed the Mini Spear add-on as it's not longer required because of the new Scorpion which will do the same as the Mini Spear but also the no cut no solder on the 83 v2 & 93 drives.

Now all that needs to be done is the Maximus 360 Lizard connects to your Xbox 360 drive directly, using the onboard LCD display and navigation buttons you can select the options you need, such as to retrieve the key, or flash the drive and more. Because the PC has been taken out of the key retrieval & flashing process, there is no need to worry about those problems associated with PC conflicts that could cause anything from I/O pots not to display, PC hanging during the flashing process, or the drive not displaying in Jungle flasher, also you will no longer need a dedicated PC rig setup just for drive flashing. Now itís a simple case of using the Maximus Lizard 360 to first retrieve the key from the drive, which can be sent to the PC directly via USB and using a software GUI to save the dummy.bin or you can get the 360 Lizard to store the dummy.bin onto a USB flash drive, then you just need to put that dummy.bin into your PC and use a program like Jungle Flasher to imbed that key into which ever firmware you want and save on the USB stick, then use the Maximus Lizard 360 to flash the custom firmware back to the drive.

Now there are some features for the 360 Lizard that have not been announced and also add-on hardware, when news of these become available we will be updating this page. One of the massive features / add-onís that has just been announced is the Scorpion add-on board, this little add-on is going to be a god sent for end users that are wanting to flash their own Lite-on 83 v2 or 93 drives as it means you no longer have to cut tracks on these model drives or rebuild the cut tracks by soldering wires or installing and soldering in a rebuild board such as the LT Switch v1.5. Thatís right you have not read wrong, the new Scorpion add-on for the Maximus Lizard means you will no longer have to cut tracks or solder on these drives, this is a massive leap forward and Maximus was the very first to achieve it. We have some more info below on this latest Scorpion add-on and we will be including it with every Maximus Lizard sold, note this has increased the price of the Lizard just slightly, but when you add up all the tools and features that come with this terrific product we think most of you will feel the price is justified.

One features Maximus has confirmed is that the 360 Lizard will be able to read and write to the new Xbox 360 Slim Lite-On drives Model DG-16D4S F/W Ver 9504, be it there is no custom firmware currently for these drives, but when there is you can be assured that the Maximus 360 Lizard will be able to read and write to those drives. There is still no exact info on if these drives will require an MRA method, once again we will update this page as more info becomes available. The Maximus Lizard flashing tool is really going to make the whole process of key retrieval & flashing drives that much simpler, it will now even be possible for mobile techís to come out to your home and do a 360 drive replacement or custom firmware flash on the spot, because now they will be able to just use a laptop and not require a whole PC rig to do the job.

So there we have it, the Maximus Lizard 360 flashing tool, as you can gather this is really an exciting tool and a true next generation utility for people wanting to flash their drives with a custom firmware, or for repair centres that are looking for a quicker safer way to carry out drive repairs on Xbox 360 consoles, the 360 Lizard really does set the benchmark for a next gen flashing tool for Xbox 360, if you are looking for the simplest to use yet most powerful flashing tool without all the problems associated with traditional flashing setups, the 360 Lizard is going to be that product. Buy Maximus Lizard 360 here today!

Maximus Lizard 360 USB Flashing Tool Features

- H/W Flashing, Unlock, Read, Write, Erase & Key Retrieval

- Multi Modes - USB PC connectivity or Standalone Device

- Supports all Drives, Samsung, Hitachi, Benq, Liteon, Slim

- Accessory Port Used for add-on devices, many on the way

- Friendly Navigation Menu with simplified button count

- Support is built in for MANY PC DVD SATA drives too

- Support Onboard AES128 Key Verification

- Expandable internal flash memory & firmware updates

- Quality LCD Screen Display, Multilingual Support

The Maximus Lizard 360 USB to Sata Xbox 360 Flashing Tool

X-Power Add-On *INCLUDED*

The first add-on that will also ship as part of the complete Maximus Lizard package is the X-Power add-on. This is possibly the most exciting add-on for the Lizard as it now means you will no longer have to use an Xtractor or CK3 hooked up to a PC power supply Molex power cable to power the drive, you can simply use the Xbox 360 to power the drive using the X-Power add-on board. This is going to be great for people that want to use a Laptop to do their flashing with the Lizard as you no longer require a PC rig with a Molex power cable to power the Xtractor to power the drive. Just simply connect one end of the X-Power to the power cable in the 360 and the other end to the drive and you will have the power you need to flash the drive. The X-Power has its own power switch and also eject function.

Scorpion Add-On Lite-On No Cut Or Solder *INCLUDED*

The second and possibly the most exciting add-on product for the Maximus Lizard is the new Scorpion add-on, note that all our Maximus Lizard will ship with the Scorpion add-on included as part of the kit. The Scorpion is a board that will allow users to extract the keys from Lite-on 83 v2 & 93 drives without cutting any tracks or having to solder to rebuild the cut tracks. Thatís right you have not read it wrong, the new Maximus Scorpion add-on for the Lizard means you will now no longer have to cut tracks or solder on the 83 v2 or 93 drives. Maximus was the first to achieve this and at the time of writing this no other product on the market can offers this feature, this truly makes the Maximus Lizard the best and easiest to use flashing tool on the market.

Maximus Lizard 360 | Homepage | Info | Updates

Maximus Lizard Average rating: 5 Stars, Based On 6 Reviews

Current Reviews: 6

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 05 December, 2010.

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Maximus Lizard 360 USB
This Lizard is AWESOME and so easy to use.......almos-
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