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Xecuter CR4 XL Phat QSB v3 Kit
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Mod Chip Installation & Console Repair Australia PS2 Wii Xbox 360 Mod Chip Installation & Console Repair Australia PS2 Wii Xbox 360

We offer a range of mail in repair services currently for PS3 & iPhone for people that donít have a local place that can carry out a repair service for them, soon we will be adding other consoles such as the Xbox 360, PSP, DSi etc to our available services, we offer competitive prices and an extremely swift service, once the units are received it will be a 24 to 48 hour turn around before your console or phone is in the mail back to you good as new, below is a list of categories for the consoles and phones that we carry out repairs on, in each category is a list of which type of repair we can handle, if you are not sure what the problem is you can email or call us on the phone and we can help you work out what the problem is and if we have a service that can solve your problem. Note that we also have people listed below around Aus that can handle these same kinds of repairs, so checkout the list and see if any of them are close to you, as that would be another good option.

PS3 Repair Services
PS3 Repair Services

iPhone Repair Services
iPhone Repair Services

We now also offer a range of mail in or drop off if you are in Brisbane modding services for the Xbox 360 consoles, the first set of services are for the latest USB loaders such as the X360Key & Wasabi 360 which allow you to load your titles from USB or e-Sata storage devices, below is a link to our Xbox 360 USB loader category where you can order the products and can choose to have us install them. The second set of services we offer for the Xbox 360 is an installation service for the reset glitch boards such as the CoolRunner which allows you to basically JTAG almost any Xbox 360 console, this is an alternative to the USB loaders and offers that same USB loading function but also a lot more such as running homebrew software like Xbox Media Centre, we also link below to our install section on the site for those services.

Xbox 360 USB Loader Installs
Xbox 360 USB Loader Installs

Xbox 360 Reset Glitch Installs
Xbox 360 Reset Glitch Installs

Below you will find a list of reputable shops and people that install mod chipís and perform console repair services for a living around Australia. Itís important when attempting to install a mod chip or carry out any repair on a console that it should be done by a professional, the last thing you would want is if you were not experienced with electronic installation or repair is to attempt a mod chip installation or repair and for something to go wrong and damage your valuable investment in entertainment. All the companies and individuals below are capable of repairing Xbox 360 Wii PS2 PSP and even the good old Xbox. All most all of the installers listed can mod chip or repair any console, only some wonít do ps2 mod chip install. We also have marked next to each installers name what they specialize in, as some of the stores even though they do all installation & repair for all consoles, will also specialize in some areas. Take Mark from Strathpine in Brisbane for example, he is one of the top people in the country for Xbox 360 repair.

Another great example of why you only want to use a professional for you console repairs or mod chip install is the latest model Wii consoles the D2C, the chips installed for these consoles are 28 wires and all to legs on the DVD drive controller IC. This being attempted by an amature will lead to one dead Wii console. Unless you posses at minium a $250 soldering station and have performed SMD soldering in the past, you should really never consider to install a mod chip yourself. Even a laser replacement requires a soldering iron believe it or not, as they come with an anti-static point on the laser. Admittedly this can be removed with your standard 15W soldering iron, but is just an example of how something that seems simple with a console repair can be a bigger job then expected. You will find the these installers prices for such installations and repair quite reasonable, and then without the risk of damage to your machine. Also you have the other added bonus of warranty to any installation or repair carried out.


PS2 Repair & Mod Chip Installation
XBOX Repair & ModChip Install
Xbox 360 Repair & Mod Chip Installation
Wii Mod Chip Install & Repair
Nintendo DS Repair
PS3 Repair

Queensland - QLD

Mark - Strathpine
Phone: 07 3285 6895
Specialize: Xbox 360 RROD Repair & PS2 Mod Chip Installs
ByteMe Computer Services - Logan
Phone: 0419 022 902
Specialize: All console repairs, PS3, 360, PSP (not mods)
Raw Mouse Computer Tech - Ipswich
Phone: 0478 729 984
Specialize: Mobile Phone & Console repairs, PS3, 360 (not mods)
PSX Warehouse - Logan
Phone: 0408 756 379 (7-Days)
Specialize: All Console & iPhone Repairs & Mod Chip Installations
Gold Coast Mod Chip - Burleigh
Phone: 07 5535 4510
Specialize: All Console Repairs & Mod Chip Installations
OZ Chip - Ipswich
Phone: 07 5426 3502 Mob: 0401 913 480
Specialize: Nintendo Wii Repair & Modchip Installation
Performance Mod Chip - Sunshine Coast
Phone: 0416 987 617
Specialize: Xbox 360 Repair & Wii Mod Chip Installation
Kenmore Electrical - Kenmore
Phone: 0400 918 704
Specialize: Xbox & Wii Mod Chip Installation & Repair


New South Wales - NSW 

Repair Central - Sydney
Phone: 02 9727 2570
Specialize: Nintendo DS Repair & Wii Mod Chip Installation
Precision Mod - South/West Sydney
Phone: 0407 833 360
Specialize: Sony PS2 Repair & Wii + Mod Chip Installation


South Australia - SA

GameFix - Torrensville - Adelaide
Phone: 08 8299 9888
Specialize: PS2 Repair & All Mod Chip Installation
GameConsoleServices Goolwa - Adelaide
Phone: 0405 111 326
Specialize: Wii Modchip Install & Xbox 360 Repair
James - Golden Grove
Phone: 0417 881 311
Specialize: Wii & PS2 Mod Chip Install


Victoria - VIC

The Mod Man - Glen Waverley & Sth Yarra
Phone: 03 9884 6677 Mob: 0403 043 703
Specialize: Wii Modchip Install & PS2 Repair
Mod R Us Highett - Melbourne
Phone: 0424 664 473
Specialize: Wii Mod Chip Install & Repair
Dave Cassells Tv & Services - Ballarat
Phone: 03 5332 4008
Specialize: Xbox 360 Repair & Modchip Install
JTEL Electronic Services - Wangaratta
Phone: 0357222022
Specialize: PS2 Repair & Mod Chip Installation
Qikazz Hobbies & Computers - Wonthaggi
Phone: 03 5672 2201
Specialize: Wii Mod Chip Install & Repair

Specialize: PS2 Mod Chip Install & Xbox 360 Repair

Gaming Evolution - Bendigo
Phone: 0417 377 674
Specialize: Xbox 360 & Wii Modchip Install & Repair

Gippsland Console & iPhone Repairs - Gippsland
Phone: 0403280774
Specialize: PS3, iPhone & Xbox 360 Repairs


Australian Capital Territory - ACT

Shamrock Electronics - Conder
Phone: 02 6294 7080
Specialize: Wii & PS2 Mod Chip Install & Repair

Ele - Fyshwick
Phone: 0409220773
Specialize: Wii Mod Chip Installation & 360 RROD Repair



Western Australia - WA

Mod Xpress - South Of The River Perth
Phone: 08 9457 3903
Specialize: Xbox 360 & Wii mods, Console Repairs



Tasmania - TAS

Tassie Mods - Hobart
Phone: 0437 804 020
Specialize: Wii ModChip Installation & Console Repairs



Please note that all warranty for mod chip install or repair are held with the installer, Modsupplier is not responsible for warranty  from the companyís or people above. If it any time you have a problem with the install or repair, contact your installer for a fast solution to your problem. We take pride in the services and workmanship offered by the people in the list above, as we are concerned, the installers and companyís on the list above are some of the most respected and professional installers and repair guys this country has to offer. Your console will be in good hands.

Xbox 360
Nintendo DS


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US Dollar
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