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R4 Card For DS & DS Lite Consoles :: Get The Best R4 Card

Are you looking for an R4 card for you DS or DS (...see more)

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R4 Card

Looking to work out which is the best R4 card, this guide should help for DS Lite

R4 Card

Are you looking for an R4 card for you DS or DS Lite console, you have come to the right page. An R4 card for your console will open the doors to being able to play hundreds of homebrew games and applications on your console. Now I hear you asking which R4 card is best and this page is aimed at trying to help you decide which R4 card you should buy. We have a list below of the most popular R4 cards we sell and which is best and which is the best value. Note not all R4 cards are the same and some have more functions than others and some have more support from the makers, so choosing the R4 card that suites your needs as well as your budget can be important. This is where this page comes in and we try and help you choose the correct R4 card for your purpose and budget.

The number one R4 card these days for the DS & DS Lite consoles is the Supercard DS One, the Supercard team have been around since the beginning and have in the last couple of years become the very best R4 cards you can buy for the DS or DS Lite consoles. Do note they cost a little more than the other cards we sell but have the best compatibility, support and functions by far. They are one of the very last teams that are producing their own firmware in house and almost all other cards are now relying on 3rd party firmwares made by groups of end users that are talented programmers. While these 3rd party firmwareís can be good they donít really compare to the company that made the card producing firmwares and supporting their cards directly. If you are looking for the best r4 card then the Supercard DS One is going to be it.

SuperCard DS One

The second best R4 card we recommend would be the AceKard 2, like the Supercard team AceKard has been around for a very long time and are a top quality card. The reason these are not no1 and behind the Supercard is the fact that AceKard is no longer making their own firmwareís and have moved over to an open source firmware / menu system called AKAIO, this firmware is made by a bunch of talented programmers and do get released quite regularly, but being itís an open source firmware and not produced by AceKard themselves we feel that itís just a slightly lower level of after sales support and is why we tend to recommend Supercard as the best R4 card over AceKard simply because they are still making firmware for their cards directly.

AceKard 2

The third best R4 card we sell and is still quite popular is the good old original R4 DS. These would be the cheapest R4 card we sell and are still great value if you are willing to deal with a couple of things. Before we go into that we will talk about one of the great points of this card, like AceKard the R4 team no longer makes firmware directly for these cards and is left to a team that call themselves R4 Wood, the R4 Wood firmware first came about a year or so ago and was first based off the AceKard RPG firmware, since then itís been developed and made better on a monthly basis, itís a great firmware and brought the good old R4 DS back to life since the official team stopped updating it in 2008. The R4 Wood firmware is a really great menu system and for the price makes these cards great value with great compatibility like the AceKard. Now the main downside to these is the fact itís limited to using MicroSD memory cards no bigger than 2GB, so this means you wonít be able to use 4GB or higher and if you wanted to use your R4 card to play homebrew games but also video files and music this may not be the card for you. With saying that if you only wanted to play homebrew games and applications then 2GB is still a lot of room and this R4 card might be good for you if you donít want to spend the extra money on the Supercard or AceKard.


So there we have it people, our recommendation on which is the best r4 card to buy for your DS & DS Lite consoles. We hope this guide was some help in you choosing which card is best suited to your needs and budget. If you have any questions after reading our R4 card guide then please fell free to email or call anytime.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 16 May, 2008.

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