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R4i Gold 3DS Card Original :: Buy R4 3DS Card Australia

The R4i Gold 3DS is possibly the best R4 3DS car (...see more)

Product 9/9
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Flash Card Flash Card

R4i Gold R4 3DS Card

Are you looking for an R4 3DS card or even for DSi XL, checkout the R4i Gold 3DS here today.

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R4i Gold R4 3DS Card

The R4i Gold 3DS is possibly the best R4 3DS card on the market today. This is mainly due to the fact that itís official supported by the R4 Wood firmware. There are plenty of R4 cards for 3DS on the market today, but few of them are getting constant firmware updates and support due to the fact they are small factories cashing in on the R4 3DS name. This is why we decided to stock the R4i Gold 3DS cards as they are one of the few to be officially supported by the R4 Wood firmware which really does make these cards have longevity and support. We here at ModSupplier.Com really do recommend you buy a card that is backed by a team offering consistent firmware updates, otherwise you could be looking at having to buy another card 6 to 12 months later as the firmware support has dried up, with the R4i Gold R4 3DS card you can feel confident that the R4 Wood project will continue and you will receive the much needed regular firmware updates as time goes by.

Not only will the R4i Gold 3DS support the latest 3DS firmware version 8.1.0-18 out of the box, but it will also function on the older DSi & DSi XL consoles with the latest firmware 1.4.5, this makes the R4i Gold 3DS a great card to buy whether it be for the 3DS consoles or the older DSi & DSi XL consoles. Note these R4i Gold will also function in the older DS & DS Lite consoles which make them great for people still using the older consoles but know they will upgrade at some stage and want to buy a R4 3DS card that will work in the current console but want something that will work when they upgrade to DSi XL or 3DS. If you are after one of if not the best R4 Gold card for 3DS today then you have come to the right page, you can buy these cards in confidence that they will continue to get ongoing firmware support through the R4 Wood firmware project.

The R4 Wood firmware is a 3rd party open source firmware created from the old AceKard RPG firmware. Just like the AKAIO firmware for the AceKard range the R4 Wood firmware is constantly updated and improved upon by lots of talented programmers from around the world and would possibly be one of the most worked upon firmwares for any R4i 3DS card out there. The R4 Wood firmware used on the R4i Gold 3DS is an open source firmware, this means the source code is open to the public and so can be improved upon by lots of people rather than an in-house team from the card manufactures. These days this is a really good thing because it means more heads are working on the firmware updates. The R4 Wood firmware is without a doubt the best firmware being used on R4 3DS cards these days and only a limited number of cards actually use it and even fewer are actually officially supported by this great firmware.

The R4i Gold 3DS will enable you to open the door to hundreds of homebrew games and applications on your DSi, DSi XL & 3DS consoles. These is a huge homebrew community out there for these consoles and is continuing to grow daily, there is literally hundreds upon hundreds of homebrew games you can take advantage of once you have an R4 card for your 3DS. The R4i Gold is one of the best value cards on the market today which can let you take advantage of this homebrew community. It does not just stop with games and there is also hundreds of homebrew applications that let you do things on the DSi XL & 3DS that were not possible before having an R4 3DS card. Such as Moonshell the open source media player for DSi & 3DS, what Moonshell allows you to do is playback video files in .DPG format and also plays your music in .MP3 format. They have their own set of tools for converting your video files into .DPG so you can use the DSi or 3DS as a portable video player just like an iPod.

The R4i Gold 3DS is one of the best R4 3DS cards

The R4i Gold 3DS Supports The R4 Wood Firmware

R4i Gold 3DS Supports R4 Wood
These are original R4i Gold 3DS cards that are officially supported by the R4 Wood firmware...

The R4i Gold 3DS was the first R4 3DS card to come onto the market for DSi & 3DS to be officially supported by the R4 Wood firmware. This means the R4 Gold team are assisting the open source R4 Wood project to help continue their great work on firmware updates to the R4 Wood software. There are a lot of R4 & R4i cards on the market today for the DSi & 3DS, but a lot of them are fly by nighters which make a card and then donít support it with firmware updates. If you buy the R4i Gold 3DS you can be assured that it will get regular firmware updates thanks to the R4 Wood team and you will know you are buying a card that officially supports this great open source firmware to help continue its progress. If you are wanting an R4 card for 3ds that is going to keep getting firmware updates and not be left to die, then buying the R4i Gold is a great option.

The R4 3DS Interface Is Simple

R4 3DS + Great Looking Interface 
Simple to use yet advanced interface makes the R4 3DS a great card for young & old...

The R4 Wood firmware which is used with the R4i Gold 3DS is a great looking and simple to use interface for young and old. Unlike a lot of R4 3DS cards which are using old hacked up versions of the original R4 firmware or the DSTT firmware the R4i Gold 3DS using the R4 Wood firmware is a terrific looking little interface and is extremely easy to use and intuitive. The screen is laid out in a very sensible fashion and uses good looking GFX to make navigation simple for the young or old. If you are looking for a R4 card for 3DS that is easy to use, gets regular firmware updates and overall just looks really good then the R4i Gold 3DS is a great card to buy. Also the compatibility of the R4 Wood firmware is also extremely good, being itís made by the homebrew community the level of compatibility with homebrew roms is excellent.

R4 Gold 3DS Flash Card Features

  • R4 Wood With Great Homebrew Support
  • R4i Gold Supports Microsd & Microsdhc
  • Soft Reset + Brightness Adjustment
  • 3rd Generation 3DS, DSi, DS Card
  • Supports Nintendo 3DS Sleep Mode
  • Simple Touch Screen Navigation
  • Supports RPG Skins Natively
  • USB MicroSD & MicroSDHC Reader Supplied
  • Regular Bug Fixes & Firmware Updates
  • FAT 16 / 32 File Systems Supported
  • Snap Lock Microsd Slot, No Spring
  • Great Media Support By Moonshell
  • High Quality Strong Shell Casing
  • User Friendly Interface & Design

R4 3DS Card

R4i Gold Package


Version 1.4.5
& Below


Version 1.4.5
& Below


Version 9.4.0-21
& Below


Version 9.4.0-21
& Below


Version 9.4.0-21
& Below

R4i Gold Is DSi XL Compatible

R4 Gold Is 3DS Compatible

R4i Gold Is 2DS Compatible

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R4i Gold R4 3DS Card Average Customer Rating: 5 Stars, Based On 8 Reviews

Current Reviews: 8

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 13 March, 2012.

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R4i Gold R4 3DS Card
easy to setup just download files and copy to root of a micr ..
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