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R4i Ultra Nintendo DSi FlashCard :: Buy Original R4i Card Here!

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Flash Card Flash Card

R4i Ultra DSi FlashCard

Looking for an R4i card for DSi or 3DS, buy R4i Ultra the original DSi flashcard

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R4i Ultra DSi FlashCard

The R4i card from team Ultra was the very first R4 DSi flash card to hit the market, it was made by the team that produced the extremely successful R4 ultra for the DS & DS Lite consoles and we are sure their R4i card is going to be a hit as well. There is a ton of different R4i cards on the market since the original R4 team broke up in 2008 and most of them are just hacked up cards using rip off firmwares with outdated compatibility and no future firmware updates to fix bugs or improve compatibility, this is why the R4i Ultra DSi flashcard is the one we choose to sell, not only is it the original R4i card but it was a spinoff card from AceKard team, the hardware in the R4i Ultra is pretty much the same as the AK and also itís firmware is based off the AK firmware, they now even have their own special AKAIO firmware for the R4i Ultra card which for people that know is a terrific firmware and has some of the best compatibility out there, itís also being updated quite regually which is what you want when shopping for an R4i card as you donít want to have to buy another card 6-months down the track because itís no longer being supported. If you are looking for an R4i card for your DSi or DSi XL or even the latest 3DS consoles and really just want to stick with the menu interface you have come to know and love from the original R4ís then the R4i Ultra DSi flash card is going to be a good choice.


The R4i Ultra is your gateway to homebrew games and applications on your DSi consoles & now it supports the 3DS consoles as well, there are thousands of homebrew games and apps which can do anything from enhance the overall features of the DSi to totally transform the way you use the console. The most popular homebrew app would be the Moonshell media player which allows you to play your mp3 music and also movies in dpg format, moonshell has a set of tools that will allow you to easily convert your videos from mp4 or Avi to dpg. There is also some other really good looking MP3 player homebrew apps that are a little more stylish than Moonshell and have some great features. One of the most popular homebrew apps would be the DS organizer software, it allows you to organize your days or weeks just like a PDA organizer software would, there are also great little apps like the Rpaint painting software and there is even a music making program where you can play the drums. Thatís just an example of some of the popular apps, there are tons of great homebrew games as well.

Another good thing about the R4i DSi flash card is that it looks to be based off the AceKard firmware, why this is a good thing is because the AceKard firmware is much better than the original R4 firmware was and has better compatibility, also for the R4 lovers out there it has got the interface you have come to know and love, so in short itís an AceKard backend with an R4 interface and this makes the original R4i Ultra the best out of all the R4i cards on the market. As we said there are a lot of R4i cards out there now, R4i SDHC, R4i redbox and more, but we have checked them all out and firmly believe that if you are really wanting to use an R4 style card for your Nintendo DSi or 3DS the original R4i card from team ultra is the best of the pack, buy R4i in australia here today!

If you have owned or used an older R4 card and have just upgraded to the new DSi or 3DS consoles and donít really want to change to another card like AceKard 2i and like the interface on the R4 then the R4i Ultra DSi flashcard could be the product for you, they are set at a good price for what you get and have an extremely low faulty rate just like the original R4 cards, they are made by a team that does not look like they will disappear and firmware updates in the future wonít be a problem.

The R4i Ultra Is the latest R4 DSi flashcard but for DSi consoles!

 Buy R4i Card Australia

R4i Card Team Ultra Is The Original
We only stock the original R4i cards made by Team Ultra, be sure your getting the real deal...

  As we made mention above, the R4i from team ultra was the first R4i card to come onto the market and since there has been a flood of copies baring the R4i name, we truly believe that if you are going to buy any card baring the R4i name that you should stick to the original as you are going to make sure that the card you have bought will receive support and future firmware updates that will improve the cards compatibility and fix some of the bugs that maybe found, if you buy other cards like R4i SDHC or even R4 Neo, you are taking the risk that there may not be any updates for your card and this could lead to compatibility issues. Team Ultra have already released around five firmware updates since the R4i Ultra was released in Dec 08 and we are confident that they will continue to release firmware updates in the future.

 The R4i card now supports 3DS

Simple To Use Interface + Soft Reset
Using the interface you have come to know and love, the R4i Ultra is a great choice for R4 fans...

  The R4i Ultra interface has to be one of the most simple to use out of all the cards, itís using the same interface that was found on the original R4 cards which was hugely popular, if you are a previous R4 user and did not want to try out other cards such as the AceKard 2i, we are sure you will be happy with the latest evolution in the range the R4i. Just like the original it has a touch screen interface for easy navigation, has built in soft reset function and more. The homebrew compatibility of the R4i is also fairly good, pretty much on par with the DSTTi which is around 90% of the titles tested, so if you owned an original R4 for your DSL and just upgraded or are upgrading to a DSi console, the R4i Ultra is a good choice at a good price. You will also be able to use the skins from the original R4 as well which is a bonus.

R4i Ultra DSi FlashCard Features

  • Great Homebrew Support & Compatibility
  • R4i Ultra Supports Microsd & Microsdhc
  • Soft Reset + Brightness Adjustment
  • 3rd Generation NDSi, DSL, DS Card
  • Supports Nintendo DSi Sleep Mode
  • Simple Touch Screen Navigation
  • Supports R4DS Skins Natively
  • USB 2.0 MicroSD & SDHC Reader Supplied
  • Regular Firmware Updates & Bug Fixes
  • FAT 16 / 32 File Systems Supported
  • Snap Lock Microsd Slot, No Spring
  • Great Media Support By Moonshell
  • High Quality Strong Shell Casing
  • User Friendly Interface & Design



Version 1.4.5
& Below


Version 1.4.5
& Below


Version 6.3.0-12
& Below


Version 6.3.0-12
& Below


Note we are now shipping the very latest R4i 3DS Gold cards, the R4i Ultra is no longer produced
The R4i 3DS Gold is officially supported by the R4 Wood firmware and is the very best R4i card on the market today

R4i Ultra Average rating: 4.6 Stars, Based On 3 Reviews

Current Reviews: 3

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 22 April, 2009.

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R4i Ultra DSi FlashCard
The card is fantastic the online support is the best around. ..
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