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Supercard DSTwo For DS DSi & 3DS :: Buy Supercard DS Two DS2

The Supercard DSTwo is without a doubt the best (...see more)

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Flash Card Flash Card

Supercard DSTwo DS2

Supercard DSTwo offers much more than any other card for DSi, DSi XL & 3DS. Want the best, get DS2.

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Supercard DSTwo DS2

The Supercard DSTwo is without a doubt the best flash card you can buy for your console. It will support all the latest consoles such as the DSi, DSi XL & of course the very latest 3DS, but it will also support the older DS & DS Lite consoles as well. What makes the Supercard DS2 different to any other flash card is the built in CPU which allows for extra features that no other card can offer, while it of course boasts the features all other flash cards have such as NDS homebrew support they are able to take it much further than that because of the built in CPU. The first CPU enabled feature is there iPlayer software which is a media player similar to Moonshell but in a totally different league. The iPlayer software allows you to play video files such as AVIís or MKVís encoded with Divx, Xvid compression directly without the need to convert them to .DPG which all other flash cards require. The player can also be used of course for MP3ís and makes the DS consoles a great alternative to an iPod for music & video. The iPlayer interface is also tons better than Moonshell and really makes for a perfect multimedia experience. The second most popular feature of the Supercard DSTwo would be the GBA emulation, this means you are able to play your homebrew GBA titles which before you would need a DS or DS Lite along with a Slot-2 expansion card to be able to do so, and for DSi, DSi XL & 3DS since they donít have a slot 2 GBA support was not possible, this has all changed with the Supercard DSTwo.

I hear people asking, so does this make the DSOnei obsolete, the short answer to that is no, the DSOnei is still one of the best DSi & 3DS cards and Supercard DSTwo is an enhanced version of the card with some extra features, the main difference between Supercard DS2 and DSOnei is the CPU processor which enables the extra features like extended media support such as Divx / Xvid, GBA homebrew and the live cheat engine, apart from those differences the DSOnei and DSTwo are the same, so if you are not after those extra features offered by the Supercard DSTwo, the DSOnei is still a great card and you can save some money by buying it instead, but if you are one of those people that want these extra features offered by the Supercard DS Two, or just want the very best you can buy for your DS to DSi XL & even the new 3DS, then the Supercard DSTwo will be your card of choice.

The new CPU on the Supercard DS Two really does allow the team to expand the features of the cards so much more than before, with the cards being like a little computer of their own the possibilities for the cards is almost endless, anything that requires some kind of computation or emulation to achieve can now be looked at where before with the old cards it would not be possible as it was relying on the CPU of the console which in a lot of ways was limited. Another example while not a super huge feature is a good example of the CPU usage again is the ďhardware slow motionĒ function, the card is capable of putting whatever you are doing into slowmo, be it a movie to watch the action in slow motion, to one of your homebrew or emu games where itís just going too fast and you keep dying, just slap your Supercard DS2 into slowmo and get past the level, as we said not a super huge feature but just another example of what the CPU in the Supercard DSTwo is capable of.

The Supercard DS Two has a totally new interface, is one of the most advanced and best looking interfaces on any card to date, they really have given it a huge overhaul and have listened to peoples requests to make it simpler to navigate and also still packed with the information people want to see, the Supercard DS2 really is a pleasure to use and does feel like a next generation card, the browser menu has been given some extra functions such as cut, copy & paste to make organizing your MicroSD possible on the card itself rather than a computer. Another very cool feature added to the Supercard DSTwo and again thanks to the new CPU is the ability to hack the memory of your homebrew games to make cheats live, since there is not a lot of cheat codes out there for the homebrew or games and emu games, this is a great feature that will allow people to make their own cheats up for the game as they go, no having to hunt around looking for the codes, you can just make them up yourself as you play.

The Supercard DSTwo is here, for DS to DSi XL it's the most powerful card around

 The Supercard DS Two is a true 2nd gen flash card, enables Divx & Xvid playback

SuperCard DSTWO True 2nd Gen
The Supercard DSTwo is a 2nd generation card for the DS to DSi XL, advanced in every way possible...


If you are after the ultimate card for your DS to 3DS console, itís hard to go past the Supercard DSTwo, there are just so many features that other cards canít offer, and we know for sure more features can and will be added later on as the card develops, the fact that Xvid & Divx video files can be used is such a big bonus, until now people have had to convert all their video files to .dpg which for some can be a little confusing and just too complicated to worry about, now you will be just able to use your video files in their current format and not have to worry about the whole conversion process like the past generation cards. That on top of the other features made possible by the CPU like homebrew GBA support, live cheat making via the new cheat engine, slow motion engine and even a new advanced version of the real-time save function, the Supercard DS Two is by far the ultimate solution for DS to DSi consoles. To top off all these new features, these cards are made by a team that is well known to support their cards for years after they were released, you can be assured any bugs will be addressed in firmware updates which happen quite regularly, and new features added.

 The Supercard DS2 has an advanced next gen GUI along with powerful CPU.

SuperCard DS2 Hardware & GUI
The Supercard DS2 has the most advanced hardware & GUI, feel the power that is Supercard DS Two...


Like we made mention of above, the Supercard DS2 is using an advanced hardware design that boasts an actual CPU type processor, this is one of the most advanced designs from the team and will allow so many more possibilities with the cards. Supercard teamís hardware is great, their last card the DSOnei had one of the lowest faulty rates out of any card we have seen, and we feel confident that it will be the same this time around with the Supercard DSTwo, we know they wonít cheap out on the other hardware found inside the cards which means you wonít get what can happen with a lot of the other low cost cards which is after a year or two their hardware tends to fail, on top of the new hardware and general quality that is Supercard is their new GUI for the DSTwo, this is a complete overhaul from previous GUIís the team has done and is a fitting interface for such a powerful card, so in short the best hardware out of any card to date, topped off with a brand new GUI that has all the bells and whistles you could expect and some major improvements to previous versions, the Supercard DS Two is the perfect partner for people that want the most out of their DS to 3DS consoles.

SuperCard DS Two Features

  • Supports MicroSD & SDHC Cards to 32GB
  • Advanced Emulator For GBA Homebrew
  • New Evolution Real Time Game Guide
  • Real-time Save Support & Soft Reset
  • Supports Hard Firmware Updates
  • Perfect Homebrew Compatibility
  • First Class Support & Updates
  • USB 2.0 MicroSD & SDHC Reader Supplied
  • High Quality Casing & Collectable Package
  • Powerful New EOS GUI & Enhanced CPU
  • Hardware Driven Slow Motion Support
  • Supports Multiple Skins & Change
  • 2nd-Gen DSi, DS Lite, DS Card
  • Touch Screen Navigation

Supercard DSTwo Australia


Version 1.4.5
& Below


Version 1.4.5
& Below


Version 8.0.0-18
& Below


Version 8.0.0-18
& Below


Version 8.0.0-18
& Below


Supercard DSTwo

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 11 May, 2010.
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Supercard DSTwo DS2
Definitely the best flash cart for all DS systems including ..
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