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WiiKey Fusion Wii Mod Chip :: Supports D3-2 Via SD Memory
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WiiKey Fusion Wii Mod Chip

The WiiKey Fusion Wii mod chip is the first chip to support loading from SD memory cards.

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WiiKey Fusion Wii Mod Chip

The WiiKey Fusion is the latest mod chip from team WiiKey, it was mainly conceived for people that have the very latest D3-2 drives which started showing up in brand new consoles Sept 09 and currently there is no way to play a backup disk with or original games from other regions on these drives. The WiiKey Fusion uses SD memory cards to load the games from, so if you have a D3-2 drive, the WiiKey Fusion will let you play backups of your original games off a SD memory card, either games from your consoles region or out of region games. Currently this is the only way to play a backup on these latest D3-2 drives, the other solution would be to replace the DVD drive with something like a D2C drive, we sell them in the Wii service parts section, then you could use a chip like the Solderless WiiKey 2 or even DriveKey if you wanted too, this would then allow you to play backup disks on a console that came with a D3-2 drive, currently swapping the DVD drive is the only solution to be able to play a backup disk on a console that shipped with a D3-2. The WiiKey Fusion modchip comes bundled with a SD reader for your PC, so there is no need to buy a SD reader once you get the chip, just SD memory to use with it.

If youíre not too worried about not being able to use DVD media and loading your games off the SD card sounds good, then the WiiKey Fusion will be the chip for you if youíre the owner of one of these new D3-2 drives. The WiiKey Fusion is also compatible will all other Wii drives, and on all other drives except the new D3-2 the WiiKey Fusion will allow you to play backups of your original games on disk and originals from other regions on disk, also you would have the option of using the SD card support which is not offered on chips like the DriveKey or Wasabi DX for example, so if you are the owner of an older drive DMS to D3 and like the idea of SD card support, you might want to look at the WiiKey Fusion as opposed to chips like the DriveKey, but if you really donít think you will use the SD card function and you just want to be able to use DVD disks to play your games, you would be better off to use the DriveKey and save a little money.

One of the good things about using SD cards to load your games from is that they will have the full 6x read speed, also you wonít have any of the issues that comes with using DVD media, such as bad burns, having to use a certain type of disk and other issues that can come with using DVD media to play your backups, the other good thing about using SD memory is the fact they can never be scratched like DVDís can, there are a few benefits to using SD memory, the only real downside can be the cost of them compared to DVD media, but since there is no way to boot a backup DVD game on a D3-2 drive, it has to be either SD or a USB HDD that will load the games on these drives, or swap the drive out. The WiiKey guys decided not to add USB HDD support as the price of the chip would go up a lot and they wanted to keep the price as low as possible, there will be USB HDD chips coming, one is from D2Sun team & another called Wode, but the price maybe as much as twice the WiiKey Fusion mod chip, in the end itís up to you, if your happy for a reasonably priced chip and to use SD memory, the WiiKey Fusion will be for you, if you prefer to spend twice as much on the chip and then use an external USB HDD to store your games on, you might want to wait for the USB HDD chips such as the SunDriver from D2Sun team or the Wode, and like we said above if all these external options to load games such as SD or HDD are not really your thing and you wish to just load games off DVDís, the Pre-Modded Wii drive packs we sell with the WiiKey 2 would be the best option, this way you can load games off your DVD media and if you wanted the option to load from HDD you could install the homebrew channel and install some of the USB loaders to get the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately the WiiKey Fusion modchip does not allow you to make backups of your original games onto the SD cards, a 3rd party developer might make a software add-on to make this possible, but WiiKey team are not providing this function on the chip itself. You could use the USB Gecko, SD Gecko or an LG 8164D DVD Rom drive to make legitimate backups of your original games, for use on DVD disks for DMS to D3 drives and from an SD memory card for D3-2 drives. Once again WiiKey team have come up with a working solution for a new drive type and at the same time added a useful feature people with old drives can use as well, got a D3-2 drive & loading from SD memory cards sounds good to you, buy the Wii WiiKey Fusion mod chip here today.

It's Here, The WiiKey Fusion Is The Latest Generation Chip For The Wii Consoles.



Installation for the WiiKey Fusion mod chip is not complex & solderless

WiiKey Fusion Solderless & Unique
The best of both worlds for DMS to D3 users, DVD media or SD, and for D3-2 loading off SD

The WiiKey Fusion modchip supports loading of games from SD memory cards.

WiiKey Fusion SD Mem Features    
Faster read rates, multiple titles on the one card, SD memory has some advantages over DVD ...

The WiiKey fusion is unique in the fact itís the first chip to use SD memory to be able to load your games, but itís also a DriveKey style chip that will function the same as a DriveKey on all older Wii consoles with DMS Ė D3 drives, so for owners with the older DMS to D3 drives the WiiKey Fusion will give you the ability to load your backups from DVD, your import games and also gives you the added function of being able to load games from your SD card, hence the name fusion as they have combined two ways of being able to load your Wii titles. For the people that have the latest D3-2 drives itís a valid solution being able to load from SD cards and could be the method of choice for those users, the only other alternatives for people with D3-2 drives are like we mentioned above, wait for a USB HDD loader chip such as SunDriver or the Wode, but they do come in at a much higher price point, also there is the option of the Pre-Modded drive packs we sell. WiiKey team are known for their great products, excellent compatibility. So if youíre a D3-2 owner and really keen on the idea of loading games off the SD card, or if you are the owner of an older DMS to D3 drive and just want the best of both worlds, the WiiKey Fusion can provide. Loading your games from an SD card is a new age way of playing backups of your original games and the WiiKey Fusion is the first chip to offer this, loading from SD has some advantages over using DVDís, the first being that you will be able to get the fastest read rate possible of 6x read, this means games will load fast and no glitches in video cut scenes which are present when loading from disk using any DVD drive ribbon cable chip such as the DriveKey, the second advantage is the fact that SD cards can never be scratched like traditional media and thus you wonít ever need to re-burn your backups, another bonus again is the fact you can store multiple games on the one SD card, a 32GB SD card for example is capable of holding 6 titles on the one little small card, so itís possible for you to have your whole collection of original games stored on one or two little SD cards, keeping your original game disks in perfect condition and not having the need to re-burn once the backup disks have been scratched. The other good thing about using the SD card to load is that itís going to really lengthen the life of your consoles laser, this as well is a really good reason to use the SD feature of the WiiKey Fusion.




Check Your Drive Type: Wii Serial Checker

Drive Types & Media Supported DMS D2B D2C D2C2 D2E D3 D3∑2 D4
DVD Media
SD Memory Card

***Warning Please Read Below***

The original WiiKey Fusion are no longer made, pretty much all original Wii chips except the SunKey & Wode Jukebox have stopped being produced.

When you order the WiiKey Fusion from this page we are now shipping a copy version known as the WiiKey 3, it's a direct copy of the WiiKey Fusion and has the same features as the original. We never like to sell copies of anything, but because the original WiiKey Fusion is no longer made and there is not many Wii chips left in the market we decided to sell the WiiKey 3 so customers could still have some choice when it came to Wii chips.

So as above, if you order this product you will receive the WiiKey 3 which is a copy version of the original WiiKey Fusion.

WiiKey 3 Firmware Updates / Install Instructions Click Here

WiiKey Fusion Average rating: 5 Stars, Based On 1 Review

Current Reviews: 1

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 07 October, 2009.

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WiiKey Fusion Wii Mod Chip
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