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Wode Jukebox Wii Mod Chip USB Loader :: Buy Wode Here Today!
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Wode Jukebox Wii Mod Chip USB Loader

The Wii Wode Jukebox is a revolutionary device for Wii, USB Loader from external HDD and more!

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Wode Jukebox Wii Mod Chip USB Loader

Well the 4th Generation of chips for the Wii are starting to surface, we are proud to present one of the most promising of them all the Wode Wii mod chip, the Wode is more than just a mod chip for Wii and really is a revolution in the way you will be able to play your backups and out of region games, not only does the Wode Jukebox lets you play backups of your original games and import games on disc for DMS to D3 drives, but it also has USB support, this means that you will be able to plug in external USB devices such as USB drives and even USB hard drives to store and load your games from, yes thatís right, you can now hook up a USB Hard drive to your Wii console and load all your tittles from the hard drive. This is a revolution in the way you can store and play your original Wii games, loading times are faster than anything seen before at a massive 8x read rate, no longer will you have problems with scratched disks, bad burns or even problems with burners and the right media. Note this is a great product for people that have bought consoles after Aug 09 that would have the D3-2 drives, currently there is no chip that will allow these D3-2 drives to load backup disks at all, so D3-2 owners would be able to use the Wode USB loader to load their backups of their original games from a USB HDD, this we believe is one of the best solutions for people that own these new Wii consoles with the D3-2 drives.

The latest firmware update for the Wii Wode adds one of the most cool features which is the Wode Jukebox is capable of taking a backup of your original game and then store it on your USB device, be it a USB flash drive or USB hard drive, having the ability to make a backup of your original Wii game on the Wii console itself without having to use devices such as the USB Gecko, SD Gecko or the expensive LG 8164D DVD readers is a massive feature, anyone that has had to use the USB Gecko or SD Gecko would know they are not a simple device to use and require the install of the Homebrew channel to work, for most people installing the Homebrew channel is a little over their heads and thus end up buying an expensive LG DVD reader to make their backups of their originals, these LG drives can cost as much as $150AUD each which is more than the price of Wii Wode Jukebox alone, well that is no more with the Wode mod chip, this little device does so much, boot your backup disks, allow booting from a Hard Drive and make backups of your original games to hard drive with ease.

The Wii Wode Jukebox comes with an easy to use LCD screen built into the stand that displays what titles you have on the external USB storage and a neat little toggle switch to let you navigate the hard drive, just find the title you are looking for and at the press of a button the game is loaded directly off the hard drive, it has never been this simple and practical. You can now have your entire collection of Wii games stored on a hard drive which are easily accessible using the LCD screen and toggle switch to load, all your original games can be kept in a safe place and in perfect condition, the Wode modhip really is a revolution for the Wii console and takes it to the next level, the possibilities for this device are almost endless. We are sure this little baby will be the catalyst on a host of applications that can be executed from it to add an even more deep Wii experience, the Wode is based on Linux software and thus many Linux apps could be ported to be loaded on the Wii, so expect Media Players, Web Browsers and more to be developed to be launched using this incredible device.

The programmers behind the Wii Wode Jukebox are some of the most talented and respected in the homebrew community, so you can be assured that this little baby is not just a device that comes how it is and never has functions or features added, we predict over the next year many handy and useful features will be added to the Wode and like we said above, really just expand the experience you get from your Wii console This product really is something to be excited about and any Wii user that currently has a chip may even want to upgrade to the Wode as we really think these devices are so much more than a mod chip to let you play legitimate backups of your original games, they are not only a chip but a gateway to many new ways to use your Wii console.

As some of you might know, loading games from an external hard drive was made possible early 09 via the Homebrew channel and USB loader, the downside to this is installing the homebrew channel and the USB loader can be very tricky and most end users would have no idea where to start, also softmoding and using such USB loaders you run the risk of bricking your Wii in the process, and as we have seen from the latest update from Nintendo 4.2 can be dangerous as this update detected the USB loader and softmods and would delete them from the console, and the update even bricked some machines. The Wode USB loader does not require you to install any software what so ever to work, there is no need for homebrew channel or any tricky software installs to get the device working, itís simply plug and play which is what most people want, backing up your Wii titles with the Wode Jukebox is just as simple, which as we said above is nothing short of a breath of fresh air, because up until now making a backup of your original games has required way to much from the average end user, this feature alone is worth so much to the end user.

So in short, if you want the most enhanced experience from your Wii console, being able to boot backups of your originals, games from other regions on disk, loading from an external hard drive with the ability to make backups, store 3rd party apps and possibly even 3rd party games, the Wii Wode Jukebox modchip is really the only device you should look at, yes the price is a little higher than just a normal mod chip, but as you can see from the text above, this is really not just a mod chip, itís a total extension of your Wii console, really in comparison, this device makes normal mod chips price look high when you compare what you get for you money, and as we said above, this little device is going to evolve and not just stay with the one basic function, there will be many new functions and uses for Wii Wode made and added as time goes by, and we know that from the fact it has a very talented programming team behind it, Wode Jukebox is the next gen must have add-on for your Wii console. 

The Wode Wii Mod Chip Supports USB Hard Drives & Flash Drives On All Consoles



Installation for the WiiKey Fusion mod chip is not complex & solderless

Wode Wii Mod Chip Install Process
The install for the Wii Wode modchip is not complex,
and there is no difficult software to install

The WiiKey Fusion modchip supports loading of games from SD memory cards.

Advantages Of Wode Jukebox & HDD
Using the Wode Jukebox USB loader feature has many advantages, checkout some listed below ...

The Wii Wode Jukebox mod chip is a two part product, first is the ribbon cable style DVD drive chip similar to DriveKey that installs inside your Wii console, this gives the ability to boot backups of your originals and games from other regions on a DMS to D3 drive, the second part of the Wode is the base stand that you can see in the product photo that has the built in LCD screen and USB port on the side, the base is used to plug in your external USB devices such as a hard drive, flash drive or even a USB hub so you can run a hard drive and flash drive if you like, there is also a SD memory slot on the side of the Wode, this is used to store the Wodes system software on, there is always a possibility that they will open up the SD slot for other uses in the future too, there is the little LCD screen and joystick, the LCD screen displays what is on your external drives and lets you navigate the external drive with it and select which game or application you wish to load, you select what you want using the little joystick. The installation for the Wode is not really any more complex than installing a chip like the DriveKey, open up the console and install the ribbon cable DVD drive chip part of the Wode, close her back up and snap on the base stand and you are away. We will have an installation video on this page shortly after release that will detail how the Wode is installed and try to cover any common questions people might have about the product and its function. The advantages of loading your titles off a hard drive are many, first is the massive read rate of 8x, games will load faster than ever and have no glitches at all, which have been found when using chips like the DriveKey to load from disk as they are limited to 3x speed, thatís the first major advantage of using an external hard drive, the next is just the convenience of it all, having your whole Wii collection stored on a tiny little 2.5Ē external hard drive and all available at the press of a button is just particle and neat, no more having disks and game covers laying around, or having to change disks when you want to play, with the press of a button you can change games. The other advantage as people using traditional chips and disks would know about is there will be no media compatibility issues, right now chips are very sensitive to the brand of disk you use and having using the wrong brand can end up with some games that wonít read and many bad burns, all this is a thing of the past when loading your games from a hard drive, you donít need to worry about having the right brand of disk, or encounter problems from burning softwares. Another benefit is the fact your Wii laser will last much longer, itís a well known fact that reading burnt disks makes the laser work harder and thus reduces the life of your laser, making a backup of your original onto an external hard drive and then playing off it is going to seriously lengthen the life of the laser.







Check Your Drive Type: Wii Serial Checker

Drive Types & Media Supported DMS D2B D2C D2C2 D2E D3 D3∑2
DVD Media
USB HardDisk

Wode Jukebox | HomePage | News | Support Forum | Firmware Updates

Wode Install Video Med Res

Wode Install Video High Res

* v2.0 Models With Dual USB Power Cables *

** 1-Year Extended Warranty **


Wode Jukebox Average rating: 5 Stars, Based On 11 Reviews

Current Reviews: 11

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 08 October, 2009.

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