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Xbox 360 JTAG CoolRunner RGH Installation Service :: Fat & Slim

Here you can order our professional mail in or d (...see more)

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Xbox 360 JTAG CoolRunner Install

Always wanted an Xbox 360 JTAG console, order our CoolRunner JTAG RGH install service here.

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Xbox 360 JTAG CoolRunner Install

Here you can order our professional mail in or drop off if you are in Brisbane Xbox 360 JTAG RGH installation service for the Xecuter Coolrunner reset glitch board along with a full JTAG RGH software install on the Fat & Slim Xbox 360 consoles, note this excludes the old Fat Xenon consoles, we explain further down this page how to work out which model Phat console you have done, also it's now possible to get an RGH install sevice carried out on all Xbox 360 Slim consoles. This service includes the physical installation of the CoolRunner RGH board along with a full JATG software installation including freeboot 3. Having a Xbox 360 JTAG RGH console is one of the best ways to open the door on your console to many more possibilities, once the console has been JTaged you will be able to run un-signed code which will allow you to launch tons of homebrew applications like Xbox Media centre for example which is still today one of the very best media players for any console. Another great advantage is you will also be able to load your original titles from USB devices such as external hard drives and USB sticks making this a great alternative to the x360key or Wasabi. Having an Xbox 360 RGH console is like having a mini PC and the possibilities for them once the CoolRunner & JTAG software has been installed are huge.

The reason we are offering this service is because the RGH installation process for an Xbox 360 & CoolRunner is far from simple, the first part that stops a lot of people doing it themselves is the intricate soldering involved just to install the CoolRunner itself, some of the points that need to be soldered to are extremely small and need to be done using a high quality soldering iron and by someone with a pretty decent amount of experience with fine soldering, otherwise you could mess up and damage the pads or the board. There is also the software side of things which is almost as complex as the soldering in another way, it's very complex to setup the software side of things and just like the soldering one wrong move and you can damage the console beyond repair. The other reason is the cost, for someone to buy the CoolRunner along with the other tools required to carry out a RGH install the cost is around $120 alone, this is only just slightly lower than the price we offer for the RGH install service and you would not have to do any of the work yourself and can feel reassured the install was done by professionals. For those not looking at doing multiple installs on consoles themselves and just want a fast a reliable Xbox 360 JTAG RGH CoolRunner installation this install service we offer may just be the best solution.

With our installs we are using the official Xecuter QSB boards as well, while they are not a requirement and the wires from the CoolRunner can be run directly to the board Xecuter do recommend they be used and since the cost of them is not very much we think it’s better to offer this service using the official QSB boards for that extra level of professionalism. Note we are an official reseller for Xecuter and have been selling their products for many years, all our products are genuine and you can feel confidant when purchasing this service from us that you are getting the real deal and installed by official resellers of the Xecuter range.

-= Which Consoles Can Have An Xbox 360 RGH Install Service Carried Out? =-

Xbox 360 Phat Consoles

First thing to check is what dashboard version your console is running, for the old Fat / Phat Xbox 360 consoles if your dashboard is 2.0.14699 or below then keep reading, if it's higher these consoles can't be done right now.

All models of Fat Xbox 360 can be done expect the Xenon, below is an image that shows you how to determine which model motherboard is inside your console from checking the power socket on the console.

How to tell which motherboard you have in your Xbox 360 Fat console

Xbox 360 Slim Consoles

For the Xbox 360 Slim currently all models can be done, it is also no longer imporant which dashboard version the console is running. Absolutely all Xbox 360 Slim consoles can have an RGH installation service carried out on them no matter what the MFR date is or the dashboard version they are running. This is great news for those that wish to have an RGH install service done on their Slim consoles. This has only recently become possible so if you are an owner of a Slim console and want to jump in on the RGH thing it's a great time to do so.

How to check your Xbox 360 Slim MFR date


Below Is Our Procedure To Order This Xbox 360 JTAG CoolRunner RGH Installation Service

Note this service can be booked over the phone as well, have a read of the text below which will give you an idea about the service and if you would like to book it over the phone give one of our staff a call on 07-3122-2472 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday, or just follow the steps below to book the service yourself using our cart system.

1. Sign up for an account if you don’t already have one and come back to this page, at the bottom left of this page is a checkbox which you need to select how you will deliver the console to us, if you are in Brisbane you can drop the console off at our Suite address in Fortitude Valley and you would select the “Drop Off Brisbane” checkbox, if you are outside Brisbane you would select the “Mail It In” checkbox. Once you have ticked the checkbox on how you will deliver the console to us click the add to cart button on the right and continue to checkout.

2. At the payment page select Bank Deposit, you won’t pay upfront for our service, we will call you once the installation has been completed and you can either pay over the phone with a credit card or go ahead with a bank deposit.

3. While still at the payment page at checkout enter your consoles serial number into the “Comments Box” and continue to checkout. The serial number is on the back of the console.

4. Checkout, you will receive an order confirmation email and our staff will be in contact by phone to confirm your order and get the process started.

5. After you have been called on the phone by one of our staff to confirm your order you will receive an email advising the address you need to ship or drop off your console to, they will also notify you of what needs to be sent or taken in, just the console and no controllers for example and some tips on safe postage if you are mailing it in. Once you have all those details confirmed you can go ahead and ship or drop off your console off to us. This service can be done quite quickly and will be completed within 72hrs of the console being received.

6. You will receive a call from our staff once the installation has been completed to take payment, once payment is received we will confirm your return shipping address and then arrange to have the console shipped back to you by TNT or DHL courier.

Note we only carry out this install service for consoles from Australia, we do not handle international installs at this stage. Note for Australian customers that prices listed are Ex-GST because we are a wholesale site.

Xbox 360 JTAG CoolRunner Install Average rating: 5 Stars, Based On 1 Review

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 29 November, 2011.

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Xbox 360 JTAG CoolRunner Install
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