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Xecuter CK3i Flashing Tool Fat & Slim :: Buy Xecuter CK3i Here

The Xecuter CK3i has now been launched and is se (...see more)

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Flashing Tools Flashing Tools

Xecuter CK3i

The Xecuter CK3i is the newest flashing tool from Xecuter designed to replace the CK3 Pro Rev D.

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Xecuter CK3i

The Xecuter CK3i has now been launched and is set to become the next ‘must have’ xbox 360 drive flashing tool. It is designed to replace the CK3 Pro Rev D which has now been discontinued. There are a couple of major additions to the Xecuter CK3i that will make it a must have flashing tool in conjunction with the X360USB Pro. One of the first is being able to use it to update your Nand-X firmware, we talk more about that below and this is going to be very important for people wanting to use the Nand-X in conjunction with the CoolRunners. Another big improvement is how it will now integrate with JungeFlasher and the X360USB, a lot of the operations have now been automated and once again we talk more about that below. The Xecuter CK3i is really going to be a must have addition to your X360USB Pro setup and will make life simpler and flashing easier and faster, also not to forget that ability to update the Nand-X, very cool.

The first thing you will notice about the Xecuter CK3i is how different it looks from the previous CK3 pro. According to Team Xecuter, the new CK3i has been completely overhauled to bring it up to date with the latest drive flashing techniques. The now obsolete rs232 connection has been removed and the redesigned layout was produced using the same technology that Team Xecuter used to design the X360 USB Pro. This really shows as the new design looks very similar to the X360 USB Pro including the addition of a clear plastic case, which will increase the durability of the CK3i. More importantly this will reduce the risk of shorting the CK3i on other pc components.

Team Xecuter’ products have always been about ease of use and the Xecuter CK3i is no exception. Because Team Xecuter has partnered with Jungleflasher, both hardware and software communicate seamlessly to provide a much simpler reading and flashing experience. The Xecuter CK3i is compatible with all Xbox 360 DVD drive models, however you will still need a CK3 Probe v3 add-on for lite-on Phat drives. Interestingly many of the tasks that would have to be performed manually in the past will be performed in Jungleflasher instead. This means no more scrambling for the eject or power button and less chance of making a mistake with turning the drive on or off at the wrong stage of the flashing process. On top of this, Xecuter have added extra power filters and resettable fuses to make it even safer and prevent damage from plugging in cables the wrong way.

Something else Xecuter have added to the CK3i which we thought was a little strange but a very cool feature is that it can be used to re-program their Nand-X units, now we hear people saying re-program the Nand-X and why would you want to do that, well with the recent Glitch stuff coming including the CoolRunner you can update your Nand-X using the CK3i to flash it with the NandPro 3 code which will then allow you to then use the Nand-X to update your CoolRunner over USB, this is something people are going to want to do for sure and it’s really cool Xecuter have built this update feature into their CK3i. So there it is, buy Xecuter CK3i here today.


Xecuter CK3i Features

The Xecuter CK3i has more features than the CK3 Pro, makes life easier

  • 100% Compatible with flash tools like Jungle Flasher
  • JungleFlasher Controlled Eject Open/Close/Half Tray
  • JungleFlasher Controlled Power ON/OFF/CYCLE
  • JungleFlasher Controlled ModeB
  • Manual Controlled ModeB
  • Auto/Manual Mode LED’s
  • Extra power filters
  • Includes USB Cable
  • ModeB On/Off LED
  • 100% Compatible with all Fat and Slim Xbox 360 drives
  • Manual Controlled Eject Open/Close/Half Tray
  • Manual Controlled Power ON/OFF/CYCLE
  • Self-Resetting PPTC Fuses
  • Trusted Xecuter Design
  • Nand-X Re-Programming
  • Custom Designed Case
  • High Build Quality
  • Power On/Off LED

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 26 October, 2011.

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Currently viewing:  Xecuter CK3i Flashing Tool Fat & Slim :: Buy Xecuter CK3i Here
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Xecuter CK3i
For ages I was using the CK3 Pro, still love it, but this is ..
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