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Xecuter Demon Phat :: Buy Dual Nand RGH 2.0 Solution Here

The Xecuter Demon Phat is a Dual Nand solution f (...see more)

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Xecuter Demon Phat

The Xecuter DemoN Phat is a Dual Nand solution for the old Fat Xbox 360 consoles. RGH 2.0 & More.

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Xecuter Demon Phat

The Xecuter Demon Phat is a Dual Nand solution for the older first generation Fat Xbox 360 consoles. We here at ModSupplier.Com are more than excited about this new line as it’s going to revolutionize the RGH & RGH 2.0 with a true Dual Nand solution that’s going to open up the doors to so many more possibility’s on the Xbox 360 almost just like what happened with the old Xbox. Get ready for custom dashboards and homebrew applications like never before, your Xbox 360 with the Xecuter Demon installed for Fat consoles is going to be a killer combo. There is a ton of features for these great little boards and we will go into some detail more about them below, but expect more to be announced as we get closer to the Xecuter Demon release date which is set for June 2012 and we will of course update this page. There is also something special on the horizon called Xecuter Fusion which we will talk about a more a little further down this page, this is almost just as exciting as the Xecuter Demon itself.

Well the wait is almost over and finally we have started taking pre-orders, the official Xecuter Demon release date is set for June, at this stage we are expecting the first stocks to arrive around the end of June. Now the Xecuter Demon Phat is going to come in two versions, one is for the small block 16MB NAND model motherboards which are found in the Xenon, Zephyr, Opus & Falcon. The other version is for the big block 128MB & 256MB NAND models which are found in the Jasper motherboard versions, do note that some Jasper boards did also come with a 16MB small block NAND and if you are planning to buy the Demon for a Jasper model board you should use guides online to check if your Jasper has a big block or small block NAND. Initially we are only going to be stocking the 16MB small block versions of the Xecuter Demon Phat, so if you are a Jasper owner you need to check what size NAND is on your board before ordering.

It’s also been confirmed that the Xecuter Demon Phat won’t be coming with a CoolRunner on board, initially it sounded like that was the way they were going to do it but as they got closer to production it looks like they dropped that idea in favour for people using the Demon & CoolRunner as separate items. We think in the end this is a good thing as it means that if newer versions of the CR are needing to be developed or released it won’t force the team to release a revised version of the Demon with the updated CoolRunner on board. On release the Xecuter Demon Phat is going to be compatible with CR Rev A to Rev C models and there is already talks of the CR v2 being released in the not to distant future. Note we already have pages for them on our site where we will keep them updated with any news or info we get on these second gen RGH boards which will of course function with the Demon as well.

One of the main selling points for the Xecuter Demon Phat has to be the inclusion of NAND read / write ability. This will take place of using external NAND tools such as the Nand-X as the Xecuter Demon has the ability onboard to do the reading and writing of the NAND for you. One of the main features of their inbuilt read / write is a Turbo mode that will allow reading and writing of the NAND at record speeds which have not been seen before. Another feature announced recently is the Demon will also be able to program the CoolRunner chips as well, so it looks like a Demon along with a CR is all the hardware you need to do a complete dual NAND install on your console.

There is something else new and exciting available now too. It is called Xecuter Fusion. It is a boot kernel for the xbox 360 developed and made available for free by Team X for use with the Xecuter Demon and CR RGH for both path & slim. What is Xecuter Fusion? In a nutshell, it’s a boot kernel for the Xbox 360 that adds full Devkit capabilities. For those of you that had experience with the original Xbox, the Xecuter Fusion will allow the same things on you slim 360 that were possible with a modchipped original Xbox. It includes some features that until now were thought impossible and in some cases weren’t even thought of at all. This includes the ability to pair any 360 drive to your xbox 360 from the dashboard with no need to extract keys or modify the drive firmware. It will allow you to autoboot to a custom dashboard without the need for dashlaunch or other software. One really cool and timesaving feature for installers of the Xecuter Demon and CR is that the Xecuter Fusion allows you to install hdd files from ISO. This means that it is now possible to use an autoinstall disc similar to XBMC autoinstaller or Slayers EvoX autoinstaller. Our interpretation of the features suggests that there will also be no need to flash your DVD drive to run backup discs on your Xecuter Demon and CR modded console and to top it off, for the first time your complete region free capabilities have been enabled. The Xecuter Fusion actually has too many new features to list here but we are sure that what we have written above is enough to get you excited about the possibilities. Just remember that you will need the Xecuter Demon and CR or at least a CR to use the Xecuter Fusion.

Dual Nand has been around for a while and was first introduced back in the early days of the Xbox 360 when JTAG’ing first began. Team Cygnos introduced the very first solution which worked well and gave people the ability to run a set of two different fully customized NAND’s or one customized and another left stock. This was and still is a very cool thing to have available on your Xbox 360. Since the recent discovery of the RGH and now the RGH 2.0 there has been a huge surge in homebrew activity for the Xbox 360, this is mainly because now so many more consoles can be JTAG’ed thanks to the RGH. Almost all consoles can now be done Fat or Slim all be it still not the Corona Slims. So this is why now everyone has been waiting for some kind of Dual Nand solution to compliment their RGH install, there is just so many more possibility’s having this kind of setup.

So after the initial discovery of the RGH it was only a matter of time before a Dual Nand solution surfaced for this next generation of JTAG’ing. This is where Xecuter picks up from where Cygnos left off, for the Xecuter Demon they have pretty much worked out all the known issues they found with the Cygnos and fixed them for the Xecuter Demon design. They have also added new features, managed to improve upon the read / write speeds and some general improvements on the PCB design and installation techniques.

It goes without saying that the quality of the Xecuter Demon range will be top notch, just like all other Team Xecuter products expect the faulty rates to be low, the overall quality to be high, and tons of functions and support. Next to the Xecuter Demon pics below we have the official specs released so far, it’s a pretty impressive list and sure to grow.

-=| Xecuter Demon Phat Features |=-

Buy Xecuter Demon Phat For Your Old Xbox 360 Fat Console, Huge Features

Xecuter Demon Features

Note All Stock Shipping From Feb 4th 2013 Include Free BB Conversion Kits 

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 25 February, 2012.

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