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Team Xecuter DemoN Slim Xbox 360 Dual Nand :: Buy Here

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Xecuter Demon Slim 360 Dual Nand

Want the ultimate dual nand solution for your Xbox 360 Slim, the Team Xecuter Demon Slim is it

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Xecuter Demon Slim 360 Dual Nand

The Team Xecuter Demon Slim dual nand is a device used in conjunction with a CoolRunner RGH install for the Xbox 360 slim consoles to give you the ability to run a stock nand and also a second nand containing the Xecuter Fusion kernel, it supports both Trinity and Corona boards to give you a true dual nand booting solution for your Xbox 360 Slim console. Since the discovery of the RGH process back in 2011 there has been an explosion of devices to enable more and unique ways to take advantage of this discovery and the Demon Slim 360 dual nand is possibly one of the best apart from the CR itself. The homebrew community for the Xbox 360 has really started to take off, the release of the Fusion kernel is just another example of how RGH is transforming the way we can use our Xbox 360 consoles and to take advantage of the huge homebrew community growing for these consoles. Custom dashboards, 3rd party media players and more can be experienced when running an RGH install on your console.

Now by the time of reading this you would have heard about the Xecuter CR3 which is a glitch board made just for the Xbox 360 Slim consoles thatís utilizing the RGH 3 method for glitching the consoles. One of the major things about the release of these is the fact that Corona boards can now be done, these are the consoles made after Aug 2011 which currently there is no drive flashing solutions or drive emulators that will work with them, but there is a catch and is where the Demon slim might go from being a luxury item to a necessity just like the CR3 is. The CR3 are able to do the Corona 16MB NAND boards with just the CR3 alone if you arenít looking for a dual nand solution, these are the consoles that came with a 250gb or 320gb hard drive. But there is another model of Corona consoles which are the ones that shipped without a hard drive at all and have the 4GB of memory on the board. At this stage the team isnít able to fit the code on these boards to be able to allow you to run the Fusion kernel for an RGH.

This is where the team Xecuter Demon slim may come in and the team have hinted at this, their possible solution to this problem for people with the 4GB corona boards is that they will be able to do a dump of the NAND and then be able to run the Fusion kernel from their second NAND bank off the Demon Slim. This will be a god sent to those with the 4GB Corona boards and while the overall cost of being able to RGH these consoles is higher because you will need a CR3 & Demon slim, at least they can be done and in the end you will end up with a Dual Nand solution as well.

Now when it comes to selecting which glitch board you want to use with the Xecuter Demon slim dual nand solution we here at really recommend you donít bother with using anything except the CoolRunner 3 boards. The reason for this is because they are using the latest RGH 3 method and are the most advanced glitch board for slim consoles on the market. They have features that no other board has and are much better than using an older CR Rev C or another brand glitch board. There are many advantages to using the CR3 and we really think if you are going to all the work of having a Demon slim installed you should couple it with the very best glitch board you can which in our opinion for slims is without a doubt the CR3. There are features on these boards that will help you achieve the best possible boot times and will save you time on the install and overall give you the very best setup.

The Xecuter Demon slim 360 comes with a built in NAND reader / writer, so along with this dual nand device itself and a CR3 these are pretty much all the tools you need to be able to dump you NAND and get the data you need to build yourself a Fusion kernel to then flash to your Demon. The speeds that the Demon Slim can read and write NANDís is also incredibly fast, they say it can read and write a 16MB nand in under 20sec which is amazing. You will no longer need tools such as the Nand-X to perform a Demon Slim install, this little bad boy has all the tools needed along with your glitch board to get the job done.

Now we will talk a little about the Xecuter Fusion kernel which is pretty much what you would want to run on your Xecuter Demon slim. This is basically a total replacement for the kernel currently running on your Xbox 360 Slim console and will open the doors to many features that a lot of us would like on our consoles. One big one is when running the Fusion kernel you will now have all region support, thatís right EU / AU PAL consoles will now be able to happily play USA & JAP NTSC titles, this has only been possible in the past by having the console be JTAGíed and selecting the console to be either PAL or NTSC so you were not able to do both at the same time, this will be a cool feature for those wanting to buy their games from the USA or Japan but live in the EU where game prices are higher. The kernel will also allow you to load homebrew applications onto your external or internal hard drive such as the latest XBMC media player and launch them from there, again another really cool feature that many of us have been waiting for. There is really too much to write about the Xecuter Fusion kernel and we highly recommend you pop over to the Xecuter forums and have a read of what this awesome kernel can do for your Xbox 360 Slim console.

~ Team Xecuter DemoN Slim 360 Dual Nand Features ~

( Supports Corona v1, v3 & v5 )
( Corona 4GB & Trinity Not Supported )

Note these stocks are the Demon Phat with the new Corona QSB to convert them to install on Slim Corona boards, so this wont work on Trinity boards.

Please DON'T order if you have a Trinity board.

( Now In-Stock & Shipping)

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 29 June, 2012.
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Xecuter Demon Slim 360 Dual Nand
ordered this and it arrived in the uk within 5 days.WOW!!!.t ..
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