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Xecuter Nand-X RGH Edition JTAG Kit Xbox 360 :: Buy Nand-X v3

The Xecuter Nand-X JTAG kit has been the most po (...see more)

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Xecuter Nand-X RGH Edition JTAG Kit v3

Want to get into the whole RGH thing, the Xecuter Nand-X RGH edition is your Xbox 360 JTAG kit.

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Xecuter Nand-X RGH Edition JTAG Kit v3

The Xecuter Nand-X JTAG kit has been the most popular NAND reading and writing tool for Xbox 360 since its release in 2010, since then itís had a couple of upgrades, the last was the Xecuter Nand-X v3 which came with the NandPro 3 firmware already pre-installed for doing RGH glitch installs and now the very latest incarnation of the product is the Xecuter Nand-X RGH edition which has been put together and aimed directly at people wanting to do the RGH JTAG hack on their Xbox 360 consoles using glitch boards such as the CoolRunner. Being that this latest model is aimed at RGH people the team have included a couple of extra tools aimed at these people being one set of phat QSB, slim QSB & a slim post board. They have also included a USB programming cable for the Nand-X that will allow you to update the core firmware of the unit which was not included in the previous version of the product.

If you are looking to get into the whole Xbox 360 RGH JTAG thing the first thing you need before a glitch board is the nand reader / writer tool kit and this is where buying the Xecuter Nand-X RGH Edition comes in. Itís the complete kit with everything you need expect the glitch board itself of course. All the software tools used for the RGH JTAG process are compatible with the Xecuter Nand-X v3 and most pretty much expect that is what you will be using, so there wonít be any problems with compatibility or anything like that. Doing an RGH JTAG hack install on an Xbox 360 fat or slim opens the doors to so many possibilities with the console, first you can run the Xecuter Fusion kernel which alone has some awesome features, if you havenít heard about that yet search for Xecuter Fusion in Google to learn more. You can install things like freestyle dash and then run homebrew apps like the new XMPlayer and much more, RGH is possibly the most exciting thing to happen with Xbox 360 since the days of old Xbox 1.

The Xecuter Nand-X RGH edition Xbox 360 JTAG kit can be used to perform an RGH 1.0 or 2.0 install on the old Xbox 360 phat consoles with motherboard versions Falcon, Zephyr, Opus, Jasper, the Xenon apparently can be done with RGH 2.0 but we heard itís a major pain to do. You can also use the Xecuter Nand-X v3 JTAG kit to do an RGH on the Xbox 360 slim consoles with the Trinity boards, at this stage the Corona still canít be done. On the topic of Corona and RGH there is a new CR3 coming which has support for the Corona boards, but from the news we saw about this the new CR are going to use a method called RGH v3 and there are talks that the Nand-X wonít be compatible and they are releasing a new J-R runner programmer that will be used specifically for these new CR boards. There was talk on the forums about the Nand-X possibly being able to be upgraded to support the new RGH v3 but itís safer to say for now that this might not happen as the Xecuter Nand-X RGH edition are running the code from Trios and since Team Xecuter donít have access to the source they arenít able to update that code to support the new RGH 3.0 method, if that changes we will update this section of the page.

It goes without saying that the Xecuter Nand-X v3 RGH Edition is of the upmost quality, like everything Team Xecuter make its quality, in all the years of selling various products for consoles Xecuter has always stood out for their exceptionally low faulty rates, there is nothing worse than buying a product and having it be DOA from poor QC at the factory or it dying after a couple of months of use right before a bunch of jobs need to be done. Team Xecuter have proven over many years producing and selling products such as these that their QC at the factory is next to perfect, we here at ModSupplier.Com donít think we have ever seen a DOA from the team, and failures after a amount of use are extremely rare to non-existent, we would say in the few cases we have seen user error would play a role where they managed to short units. Buy the Xecuter Nand-X RGH edition Xbox 360 JTAG kit here today.

Xecuter Nand-X RGH Edition JTAG Kit v3 Includes

1. Xecuter Nand-X RGH Edition Retail Pack
2. Xecuter Nand-X v3 Unit
3. Nand-X USB Updating Cable
4. USB Cable
5. Pin Header Cable Set
6. 2x Pin Headers
7. Nand-X To CoolRunner Programming Cable
8. Xecuter Slim QSB Post
9. Xecuter Slim QSB
10. Xecuter Phat QSB
11. 50 Ohm Low Loss Double Shielded Cable

What's included with the latest Xecuter Nand-X RGH Edition

(= Now Shipping Latest Models Which Include The V3 QSB's Including Corona, See Below =)


The Nand-X Has Now Officially Been Discontinued
The J-R Programmer v2 Has Replaced It And We Sell Them, Click On The Image Below


Xecuter Nand-X RGH Edition Average rating: 4.8 Stars, Based On 6 Reviews

Current Reviews: 7

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 01 July, 2012.

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Xecuter Nand-X RGH Edition JTAG Kit v3
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