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Xecuter X360USB Pro v2 Flashing Tool :: Buy X360USB Pro 2 Here

Well Xecuter have done it again, we are proud to (...see more)

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Flashing Tools Flashing Tools

Xecuter X360USB Pro v2

Want an all in one flashing tool for the Xbox 360 Fat & Slim, The Xecuter X360USB Pro v2 is it

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Xecuter X360USB Pro v2

Well Xecuter have done it again, we are proud to introduce the Xecuter X360USB Pro v2. Years of work have gone into this little device and itís safe to say itís the very best all in one flashing tool on the market today. The main difference in the X360USB Pro v2 compared with the v1 version of the product is that they have imbedded the Xecuter CK3i into the hardware design of the X360USB Pro v2. What this means is this is pretty much an all in one flashing tool for the Xbox 360 Fat & Slim consoles. Before you would have needed the X360USB Pro along with a device to give the drive power and eject such as the CK3i or CK3 Mini, but now with the latest Xecuter X360USB Pro v2 you have a CK3i onboard. We will go into further detail about the benefits of this combination further down this page. Another feature is that it will support the Lite-On DG-16D5S 1175 drives from the Xbox 360 Slim consoles, again we talk a little more about that below.

Itís no secret that after the initial release of the X360USB Pro that flashing was made a whole lot simpler, no more painful SATA card problems and many less problems associated with the flashing process were resolved because of the X360USB being a SATA to USB converter removing a lot of the issues associated with flashing using a SATA interface. The Xecuter X360USB Pro 2 is just taking things further with its integrated CK3i for powering the 360 drives and overall improvement in design. We feel here at that this latest evolution in the range is really a big step forward in once again simplifying the flashing process, be it for the end users or the repair centres using these devices on a daily basis. The X360USB Pro v2 being an all in one flashing tool which handles the SATA to USB conversion along with being able to supply the drives with power and eject is a big leap forward in simplifying the hardware required for flashing and the process in general. Note for people wishing to work with the older Lite-On drives from the Fat consoles will still require the Xecuter Probe v3 to be able to extract the key from the drive, but apart from that this all in one tool is pretty much all you need for your drive key extraction and flashing processes.

Another interesting feature of the Xecuter X360USB Pro v2 is they have given the option to power drives via USB. This was included in their CK3 Mini but from what we understood didnít make it into the CK3i design. The way this works is you can connect the X360USB Pro v2 up to USB and it will power drives with the 5v required to power the drive board on the drives. Now it wonít give eject because USB is not able to supply the AMPís required to power the drives motor functions, but with saying that you only need power to the drive boards for the flashing process. If you need to do any half tray tricks etc you could just do that manually on the drive if required. Using the Xecuter X360USB Pro v2 USB power feature means that it is now possible to use a Laptop as your primary PC for the flashing process and have your drives connected to it using this device. Admittedly a lot of people will already have dedicated flashing PCís which have the Molex power connector to power drives and the device the original way, but itís great to know the X360USB Pro v2 now has two methods for powering drives, one being the original method being a Molex power connector from a PC rigís power supply, and the second being all from USB from a laptop or PC.

Something that has been floating around the net is that the Lite-On DG-16D5S drives which have the firmware version 1175 will require the X360USB Pro v2 for key extraction and also flashing. While this is just speculation right now there have been a couple of semi official acknowledgements that these drives will require the X360USB Pro v2. Xecuter added to the official specs that all Xbox 360 Slim drives are supported, even the Hitachi, so it does look very much like this tool we be required when working with these latest Lite-On drives found in the Xbox 360 Slim consoles and possibly the Hitachi 0500 later down the track. Once we have more information about this we will update this section of our page.

A bonus feature that has been announced which will be welcomed by a decent number of people is that the Xecuter X360USB Pro v2 now has the ability for you to connect any Xbox 360 DVD drive to it and then the PC to turn it into an 0800 drive to make legitimate backup images of your original games. Strangely enough this is done without the use of any 0800 firmware at all, so you are not limited to using the BenQ or Lite-On drives from the old fat consoles with the X360USB Pro 2 to make it into a 0800 style drive. Once connected to your PC the drive will show up in my computer with its own drive letter and the XBC will have support for this new method of ripping shortly after the release of the X360USB Pro 2.

So there we have most of the information about whatís great about the latest Xecuter X360USB Pro v2 feature wise, there is still plenty of information about this devices we havenít written up about because simply there is so much to be said and wanted to try and keep the information above as much on the key points about whatís new in this latest generation flashing tool for the Xbox 360 Fat & Slim. We have a full feature list below for whatís new in this latest version and itís worth having a read. It goes without saying that we here at ModSupplier.Com are huge fans of the Xecuter range, they have been around not only for this generation of consoles but the ones before and continue to release terrific and innovative products. The support network from Xecuter is un-matched, when buying or using the Xecuter range for whatever your needs you have access to a huge forum network that has information on pretty much every single drive type and problem you may encounter in the flashing & repair processes, again this level of community support is un-matched and comes in extremely handy should you ever hit a problem with your work. The hardware quality from Xecuter is also something they are very proud off, the amount of faulty products we receive back is next to nothing and is just a testament to the overall quality of the Xecuter rage.

The Xecuter X360USB Pro v2 Flashing Tool

These are the Xecuter X360USB Pro 2 Data & Powering Feature List

Here are the list of Ripping & Other features of the x360usb pro v2


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Xecuter X360USB Pro v2 Average rating: 4.8 Stars, Based On 5 Reviews

Current Reviews: 7

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 22 April, 2012.

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