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Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit Extreme Edition :: 360 RROD Repair Kit

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Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit Extreme Edition

The Xecuter Xbox repair kit extreme edition is the ultimate RROD repair kit for Xbox 360.

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Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit Extreme Edition

If you didnít think it was possible to improve on the Xecuter Xbox 360 RROD repair kit Pro II then checkout the latest offering from the team the Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit Extreme Edition. This kit is nothing short of amazing for the price and includes a massive 93 pieces for the ultimate in RROD repair kits. The team has had great success with their RROD repair kits over the years and many console owners that have experienced the dreaded RROD on their consoles have been able to bring them back to life thanks to Xecuterís quality repair kits. Now they are back for what we think will be their final instalment in RROD repair for the Xbox 360 and their Extreme Edition kit is a hell of a way to go out. We have copied the official Xecuter description for the product below because it goes into some incredible detail on all the parts used within their kit, we also link at the bottom of this page to the official installation guide which is also perfect.

After selling over 150,000 units of the Xecuter RROD Repair Kit Pro II, Xecuter has become the world's most popular Xbox 360 repair kit manufacturer. Now after further research and enhanced techniques in Xbox repair and recovery, Xecuter have designed their new flagship product that has been proven to cure most faulty Xbox's without the need for expensive reballing or reflowing. This is the third version of Xecuter's amazingly popular Xbox 360 RROD (Red Ring Of Death) Repair Kit  and is called the Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit Extreme Edition.

Every publicly known repair solution, concept, technique and idea has been broken down and analyzed to produce the best performing and highest quality Xbox 360 RROD repair kit ever made. No off the shelf parts, no chunky screws or generic parts from a hardware store, no messy sanding or drilling or cutting. Everything has been custom made to exact specifications to give you a kit that has been fine tuned to fit all versions of the Xbox 360 fat consoles Xenon, Zephyr, Opus, Falcon & Jasper.

The new Extreme Edition now includes a massive 93 Piece Kit that introduces a brand new designed replacement for the poorly designed XCLAMP called the BOXX-CLAMP, which has been crafted to fit all Xbox motherboards perfectly without having to use messy sandpaper to level off areas to make it sit perfectly flat against the motherboard to stop it from warping when the temperature of the Xbox rises. Specially designed X-BOLTS have been manufactured to make the installation of the BOXX-CLAMP a piece of cake. No fiddling around with tape or other messy methods that you get with other kits that use basic generic screws, the X-BOLTS simply fix themselves into position whilst you simply connect the motherboard to the BOXX-CLAMP and the heatsinks with no mess and no fuss. Once installed you will have a perfectly flat motherboard installation that protects against any warping and any cracking of solder joints that causes those infamous RROD (Red Ring Of Death) errors.

Every area of failure has been identified and the Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit Extreme Edition includes parts to not only resolve the problem but also protect against future failures. Specific areas of note that are targeted for repair are:

This is the most notorious area of failure on the Xbox 360 due to poor case design and the infamous X-Clamps. Our goal was to find a solution that not only fixed this problem, but helped to prevent it from happening in the future.

The BOXX-CLAMP fix addresses many design flaws that continue to plague the Xbox 360 with the notorious RROD (Red Rings of Death). To achieve a secure solution we need the motherboard to rest on a perfectly flat surface, which used to be impossible without modifying the case by sanding down the standoffs. Another goal was to make sure that even pressure could be applied to the CPU and GPU from both above and below the motherboard. By using the precision engineered BOXX-CLAMP & X-BOLTS, not only are we able to have the motherboard sit on a perfectly flat surface without any sanding or drilling, but we are also able to apply even pressure above and below the CPU/GPU by using super-cool thermal pressure pads below the motherboard. To equalize pressure between the GPU/CPU heatsinks and motherboard we use high quality custom made Polyethylene foam shims which not only maintain even distribution of pressure to prevent cracking of the GPU or CPU, but provide high shock absorption and are impervious to any kind of shrinkage, mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria. These are easily fitted using self adhesive backing tape and are applied before the heatsinks are attached using the X-BOLTS. This solution not only stabilizes and reinforces the motherboard to finally stop any warping from occurring, but it also helps your system run much cooler as the whole metal chassis now acts like a giant heatsink!

4 Ram Chips (Bottom Side of Motherboard)

The pliable foam heatsinks that are fitted to the Xbox 360's 4 Ram Chips have proven to be completely useless. Not only do they not provide the correct thermal protection, but due to the notorious warping of the motherboard when it overheats, the solder joints are prone to cracking and due to the lead-free solder they stay cracked once the Xbox cools down. Xecuter have used a version of pad called Thermal K-Pad which transfers heat much more efficiently and is made of a much stronger material that is 25% thicker than the standard thermal pads. By being a thick and stronger material, the K-Pad keeps the Ram Chip firmly held in place forcing an even pressure between the Xbox case and the Ram chip itself, so when the solder melts, instead of cracking when it cools it simply maintains a strong bond. This method of Thermal K-Pad has been used in every Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit since 2006 and has proven to work in tens of thousands of cases.

2 Ram Chips (Top Side of The Motherboard)
Another area that wasn't addresses with previous repair kits was the Ram Chips that resided underneath the main heatsink on the top side of the motherboard. tests showed that these were also susceptible to failure due to cracking after the motherboard had warped and also the fact that there was little to no heat transfer from the Ram Chip to the Heatsink. A new version of Thermal K-Pad has been designed for these 2 Ram Chips. Strict tests demanded that the material required had to be slightly softer and thinner than the standard Thermal K-Pads in order to achieve optimum efficiency. Simply place on top of the chips before you attach the GPU heatsink.

Southbridge Chip
Another new addition is the Southbridge Clamp that will keep the chip cool and secure. The aluminum plate used is highly conductive to thermal transfer, protecting against any cracking of the solder joints and also reducing stress to one of the most error prone chips on the Xbox motherboard. A secondary heatsink is also provided to give that extra level of protection and prevention.

Over half of all XBOX 360 errors are found to be Southbridge related. The Southbridge controls around 10 devices on your Xbox 360. The most prevalent errors that can be Southbridge related are E71, E73, 0021, as well as E67, E69, E76, and E79 when PSU, hard drive etc is not to blame. May fix secondary codes including but not limited to 1003, 1011, 1030, 1033, 0010, and 0021.

ANA/HANA Scaler Chip
The Xbox 360 uses a specialized chip to adjust the size of the video image on the screen. Overheating can cause this "scaler" chip to unseat itself from the circuit board and cause an "E74" to appear on the screen. A high quality heatsink is provided to protect and prevent from this error from happening.

DVD Drive
Xecuter also provide a replacement DVD Drive Belt which matches the original SBS Square Type specifications. Used to fix the Stuck Tray, Open Tray and Sticky Tray issues due to a stretched or worn out factory belt. Also included are 4 foam buffers for the internal casing of the DVD Drive to protect the disc from any scratches.

Bonus X-Clamp Removal Tool
As a bonus, and in co-operation with the world famous Xbox Repair Experts at we have designed and manufactured a brand new X-Clamp Removal Tool and included it with the Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit Extreme Edition kit free of charge. This tool makes the much complained about hassle of removing the old Xbox X-Clamps a simple and painless process. Simply insert and lift and the X-Clamp comes straight off !

The Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit Extreme Edition now includes all tools needed to perform the best at-home DIY repair to your Xbox 360 without having to ship it off for an expensive reball or reflow. This fix has become the defacto solution in repairing the majority of the RROD (red Ring Of Death) Xbox 360ís.

As this kit fixes most RROD issues we cannot offer any guarantee of 100% success, however this is the most comprehensive kit you will find, anywhere in the world.


Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit Extreme Edition RROD Repair Features

How To Install The Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit Extreme Edition

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 24 June, 2012.

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Xecuter Xbox Repair Kit Extreme Edition
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